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Water Resources Engineering

  • Surface water hydrology
  • Rainfall data collection and interpretation
  • Run off data, measurements hydrographs and estimations of yiels
  • Climatological data collection and interpretation
  • Stream and wadi flow measurements
  • Sedimentation studies
  • Water quality studies
  • Ground water
  • Hydrological evaluation and studies
  • Design of wells and well fields
  • Acquifer evaluation and recharge
  • Geophysical investigation and well logging
  • Well rehabilitation schemes
  • Ground water quality
  • Well inventory and abstraction schemes
  • Modeling studies
  • Irrigation and drainage
  • Design and supervision of irrigation and drainage schemes
  • Estimations of irrigation requirements
  • Rehabilitation of existing schemes
  • Flood protection and water management systems
  • Flood control
  • Feasibility studies, designs, supervision of dams and reservoirs
  • Dam repairs
  • Design of dredging program for reservoirs
  • Design of slit traps