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Geospatial (GIS) Technology Services

ERI recognizes the power and benefits of Geospatial (GIS) technologies in managing natural and infrastructure data for efficient planning and decision making. The GIS Division offers full-range of Geospatial design & development services with experienced team. We offer technical GIS consultation and project implementation services to the customers in Lebanon. The objective is to facilitate GIS services at customers’ project sites in the Kingdom for successful implementation of GIS projects and programs, thereby benefiting the organizations and communities. The continuity of provision of service will be of utmost importance to keep pace with new technological innovations and expansion of the GIS usage in every horizon to achieve real benefits.

Following Professional services are offered to customers in Lebanon:

Geospatial (GIS) Consultation Services:
  • Prepare Strategic Planning and Roadmap for implementation of GIS.
  • Requirement Analysis and Design project specification
  • Evaluate, Inspect and Monitor quality of deliverables throughout GIS Project Lifecycle.
  • Assess existing CAD/GIS system & propose GIS upgrade plans to implement.
  • Geospatial System Configuration, Setup, and Administration functions.
  • GIS Training and competence building with tailored ‘on-the-job’ GIS courses.
  • Technical Assistance for GIS Implementation as per client actual needs.
Geospatial (GIS) Database Designing and Development Services
  • Data Design and Integration
  • Designing of efficient GIS databases and data integration programs meeting users’ GIS applications, business and future needs.
Data Creation
  • Digitizing/Conversion of spatial and associated Attribute data from existing systems or various Analog or Digital source like maps, satellite imagery, aerial photos etc. to prepare GIS Databases in 2D, 3D Framework.
  • Automated Data Creation
  • Develop migration programs that convert data from one system to another, either for online data sharing or complete migration.
Field Surveying & Data Creation
  • Topographic Surveying, mapping and Field data collection to prepare spatial database and to update Central Data Repository.
Geospatial (GIS) Application Development Services:
Desktop GIS:
  • Design, Develop and Implement desktop application solution based on ArcObjects with .NET development extending ArcMAP mapping, map-editing and map-analysis functions meeting users’ business specific workflows and operations.
  • Design, Develop user specific custom-GIS mapping, map-editing, map-analysis application in ArcObjects with .NET programming using ArcGIS Engine.
  • Design, and Develop Mapping and Geo-processing Web Services and Tasks to publish on the ArcGIS Server for web consumption and Internet users.
  • Design and develop high-end Cartographic quality Map Presentation and Publishing on the Web for internet or intranet users.
Server GIS:
  • Design, Develop web-based interactive mapping, map-editing and analytical applications based on ArcGIS Server Runtime API and developing web services.
  • Administer ArcGIS Server providing centralized Geodatabase and publishing map and geo-processing services for internet and intranet users
Mobile GIS:
  • Design, Develop Mobile-field based solution on Smartphone and Tablets using ArcGIS Runtime APIs for iOS, Windows Phone, Android building powerful mapping and Analysis accessing published data and mapping services from ArcGIS Server.
  • Design, Develop and Customize ArcPAD based application using ArcPAD Studio for field users to create, edit, and perform analysis of GIS data and synchronize field updates to the centralized Geodatabase.