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Infrastructure Management & Pavement Engineering

  • Implementation of infrastructure (asset) management system
  • Pavement management (maintenance) system (PMS) based on MICROPAPER and or other systems , supported by qualified and experienced staff .
  • Pavement design and evaluation , including the study of pavement structure behavior to the appropriate new or rehabilitation design strategies
  • Filed investigations and materials testing ( asphalt , concrete , aggregate, soils )
  • Field testing ( FWD, GPR etc ) and inspection services including automated 2D and 3D line scans and 3D lazer collected distresses and or assets
  • Conventional and advanced laboratory testing (asphalt, concrete, aggregate, soils ) including SUPERPAVE and high strength concrete mix design
  • Quality assurance/quality control testing services including implementation of QC/QA strategies for laboratory and field testing
  • Training and education (eg. MEPDG)