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Environmental Engineering

Waste management Solid waste management system designs including collection transportation , landfill engineering collection of leechate and gas and their treatment Odor , noise and air emission assessment and abatement Environmental impact assessment Design and review of monitoring operations of air and water Identifications of pollutants and design of remediation

Geospatial (GIS) Technology Services

ERI recognizes the power and benefits of Geospatial (GIS) technologies in managing natural and infrastructure data for efficient planning and decision making. The GIS Division offers full-range of Geospatial design & development services with experienced team. We offer technical GIS consultation and project implementation services to the customers in Lebanon.

Geotechnical Engineering

Geological Surveys, Mapping and data Interpretation Geophysical Surveys Including Seismic , Electrical Resistivity and ground Penetrating radar Planning and Supervision of exploratory drilling operations onshore and offshore Assigning laboratory testing schedules for specific soil and rock parameters Engineering analysis and preparation of comprehensive engineering reports for : Foundations , including

Infrastructure Management & Pavement Engineering

Implementation of infrastructure (asset) management system Pavement management (maintenance) system (PMS) based on MICROPAPER and or other systems , supported by qualified and experienced staff . Pavement design and evaluation , including the study of pavement structure behavior to the appropriate new or rehabilitation design strategies Filed investigations and materials

Structural Engineering

Design and supervision of: Structures subjected to lateral loads Complex geometry foundations on variable soil parameters Temporary and pre-engineered structures Analysis , diagnosis and load testing of concrete elements, sampling and testing of distressed structures , strengthening , rehabilitation and retrofitting. Analytical solutions of : Space frames Water retaining concrete

Water Resources Engineering

Surface water hydrology Rainfall data collection and interpretation Run off data, measurements hydrographs and estimations of yiels Climatological data collection and interpretation Stream and wadi flow measurements Sedimentation studies Water quality studies Ground water Hydrological evaluation and studies Design of wells and well fields Acquifer evaluation and recharge Geophysical investigation