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Environmental Engineering

  • Waste management
  • Solid waste management system designs including collection transportation , landfill engineering collection of leechate and gas and their treatment
  • Odor , noise and air emission assessment and abatement
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Design and review of monitoring operations of air and water
  • Identifications of pollutants and design of remediation and mitigation schemes
  • Water quality analysis and testing
  • Preparation of baselines studies
  • Marine and shoreline environmental studies
  • Hydrogeological studies plume delineation and subsurface characterization of contamination
  • Air quality and meteorological studies including stack emission monitoring dispersion modeling and evaluation point sources fugitive emission permitting and the design and implementation of air quality monitoring programs
  • Emergency planning for accidental releases of hazardous materials phase 1 , 2 and 3 environmental site assessment (ESA)
  • Underground storage tanks investigation and remediation
  • Laboratory analysis for water and soil, heavy metals hydrocarbon
  • Volatile and semi- volatile compounds and PCB’s