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Geotechnical Engineering

  • Geological Surveys, Mapping and data Interpretation
  • Geophysical Surveys Including Seismic , Electrical Resistivity and ground Penetrating radar
  • Planning and Supervision of exploratory drilling operations onshore and offshore
  • Assigning laboratory testing schedules for specific soil and rock parameters
  • Engineering analysis and preparation of comprehensive engineering reports for :
  • Foundations , including bearing capacities settlements and structure soil interaction
  • Slope stability of soil and rocks for shallow and deep excavations, shoring, anchoring, piling and diaphragm walls
  • Ground improvement using stone columns jet grouting and dynamic compaction
  • Site supervision and verification of foundation excavations and foundations constructions
  • Instrumentation and site monitoring of settlements , vibrations , lateral displacement and ground water
  • Quality assurance of fill placement and field tests